From the E-book: DetoxSaunaPlans


How This Manual Came About

Over ten years ago I started developing strange and unusual health issues. At first they could be given simple labels such as “migraines” or “allergies” or written off as working too much or having too much stress. Years went by that included visits to numerous doctors, specialist, naturopaths, and others, who with the best of intentions never made much of any progress on figuring out what was going on with me. Meanwhile my symptoms progressively worsened and became more broad. In the end the best they could come up with was a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome, which is their way of saying we recognize there is something significant going on with you but we don’t know what it is or what to do about it. I knew I didn’t want drug therapy. I knew my symptoms were not for lack of drugs, there was something at the core of all this and I wanted to know what it was.

After finishing my second year of therapeutic massage school I could now focus on getting to the bottom of my health issue. I had grown accustomed to reading medical text and doing research. From the very beginning of my illness I always believed in the ability of my body to heal itself if I could only understand what was blocking that natural innate process and support the body with what it needed.

I had several nutrition courses but it wasn’t until I discovered the book “The Metabolic Typing Diet ®” by William Wolcott and Trish Fahey that things really started making some sense. I was so impressed with what I was reading that I signed up for the training to become a Metabolic Typing® advisor. Mr. Wolcott taught that each person has specific nutritional requirements based on their individual genetic makeup. He also taught about “blocking factors” that impair the bodys innate ability to be well. During my second year into level-2 training we were taught how to utilize lab testing for hair tissue mineral analysis to help monitor changes in the nutritional status along with the new diet and lifestyle changes we were implementing. The testing also showed toxic/heavy metals. My test came back with uranium right off the chart. This prompted me to check my well water as for this level of exposure it must have been something I was routinely being exposed to. Sure enough, my water test from the state lab came back with very high levels of uranium and radon. When we bought the house ten years prior the standard water test did not include uranium or radon. We had been drinking this all this time without knowing. As it turns out most doctors do not know very much about heavy metals. None of the doctors, even the naturopaths, ever suggested doing a heavy metals test. None of them really had much idea of how uranium affected the body.

Thus began a lot of time researching heavy metals, detoxification, and rebuilding health. It was along this path that I found about using infrared sauna for supporting the body in detoxification. One of my favorite books was “Sauna Therapy” by Lawrence Wilson, M.D. Doctor Wilson does a terrific job discussing the how’s and why’s of sauna in terms of supporting the body. In his book he provides details on how to construct a very basic infrared sauna. Having a background in woodworking I set out to build one of these for myself, however I wanted to make some significant improvements for function and safety. The end result was a very effective, cost efficient, easy to handle unit, that cost pennies to run.  Because it is my life to help others I decided to construct this do-it-yourself manual so others can have the same benefit of this sauna.

I will not spend much time in this manual discussing history or theory of sauna or about health and detoxification. I highly recommend Dr. Wilson’s book and refer you to others for that. I will provide a reference list at the end to help you in your pursuits to know more. I have provided herein a step by step guide to purchasing the materials and building the detox sauna. I have included photographs along the way to help clarify the instructions and also include links on my web site for larger scale drawings you can print out. This unit can be easily built by anyone with basic woodworking and electrical skills, and even those without much experience that can follow instructions. Some people may wish to solicit the help of a skilled friend or even hire a small woodworking shop to build it for them. I will also be available thru my web site if you have questions as you proceed. There is a certain satisfaction about building something yourself, knowing you have a good product, and of course saving money in the process.

I owe a great deal of thanks for those wonderful teachers that have been on my path. These dedicated individuals are providing a great service in a time when our environment, food, water, and lifestyles are creating unprecedented challenges to our health and well being. Dana Tavares