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The Detox Sauna is a highly effective low temperature infrared sauna designed to be simple to construct, highly effective to use, low cost to run and maintain, require minimum floor space, and easy to disassemble to move or store. The Detox Sauna Plans manual can be used by anyone  with some experience with basic hand and power tools. If you lack these skills you may consider purchasing the materials (complete materials list provided) and hiring a local carpenter to help assemble this very simple design. Either way, you will have a highly effective sauna that will help the body cleanse safely, cost a fraction of the commercial units, be free of potentially irritating outgassing from materials often used in commercial units such as pine, cedar, hemlock, plastics. The infrared lighting does not emit potentially harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMF's). The built in safety devices include a 4-level timer, rheostat for intensity control, back up lighting, and safety screen. If you prefer, ready to assemble kits will be offered soon by custom order. See the "Kits" page.


" Natural selection used to choose the strongest, smartest and fastest for survival.  That rule has completely changed in our lifetimes. It now selects only those who detoxify best".

David Vaughan, CN

"Today, the challenges of toxic metals, harmful chemicals, ionizing radiation and drug resistant pathogenic microorganisms make sauna therapy very attractive and even essential for physical healing".

Lawrence Wilson, M.D.

Author; Sauna Therapy for Detoxification and Healing

A Google search for "Detoxify Your Body" will bring up nearly 3 million results. As the general public becomes more aware of the dangers posed by environmental toxins they want to know how to avoid these dangers as best possible and how to help support the body with the challenges these toxins present.

ADHD, depression, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Alzheimer Disease, Autism, cancer, the list goes on and on of illness' showing potential links to environmental toxins.

Sauna therapy has a centuries old tradition of supporting the body in eliminating toxic substances. Modern day infrared sauna offers one of the very best methods of supporting this process. The DetoxSauna was designed to provide the most effective sauna experience, with the safest non-allergenic materials available, in the most cost effective manner possible, while requiring only minimal space to set up or store.

DetoxSaunaPlans is a step-by-step construction manual that will guide you thru the process of purchasing all the materials necessary and in constructing a highly effective sauna that will last for years to come.  This manual is designed for the person with basic carpentry or woodworking skills. However if you do not personally have this experience you may wish to get assistance from someone who does, or hire a small woodworking shop, to help with the steps you are not able to do on your own. You will most likely still be ahead of the commercial units in terms of cost and the benefits this unit offers.

DetoxSaunaPlans is available in PDF or Kindle formats and includes member access to all scaled drawings thru this site, a member support forum when you can obtain answers to any questions you may encounter while building or using your sauna. You will have indefinite access to any/all future upgrades. For pricing and our return policy see the "Pricing / Purchasing" page. Once you purchase your EBook you will receive a password for access to the member pages. If you are not yet a registered member and you click on a membership page you will be re-directed to the Pricing/Purchasing page.

Please feel free to contact me via our contact page with any questions you may have.